Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and object of the contract.

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Accussì rooms (hereafter "Structure") and the Customer in relation to the supply of accommodation services chosen by the Customer in the booking proposal made among those offered by the Structure.

1.2. The request for the provision of the Services (hereinafter the "Reservation") can be made by the Customer by submitting the Reservation Proposal to the Structure by: sending an email to the e-mail box, by telephone, verbally, by contacting the telephone number, via the website web and external portals (Booking.com, Expedia).

1.3. The reservation for our facility is confirmed and becomes binding only upon receipt of the payment receipt of the deposit via email at the address:

1.4. If the activation of the Services cannot take place due to impediments not attributable to the Structure, the contract will be automatically terminated, without this entailing any type of liability of the Structure towards the Customer.

1.5. Guests are required to sign the following Short Lease Agreement at the time of booking:

1. The Lessor leases to the Tenant the building, or part of it, located in SAN VITO LO CAPO (TP) in Via Generale Arimondi n.93, for residential use and with prohibition of sublease, even partial, and / or concession on loan for use to unrelated third parties, registered in the C.U. of San Vito Lo Capo on sheet 6 part. 39 sub. 1 c.c. 325.57 category A / 2 of class 10.
2. The lease of the building referred to in the previous article 1 is granted for tourist use only for the period from ______________ to ______________. There is no tacit renewal.
3. The total rent of the apartment and / or part of it is agreed in Euro ___________, to be paid, net of any deposit previously paid to the Lessor, in a single solution upon delivery of the apartment or in any case no later than, and no later than, the end of the rental period referred to in article 2. Upon payment of the rent, a separate receipt will be issued, subject to stamp duty and VAT exempt pursuant to of article 10 D.P.R. 633/72.
4. The rented apartment and / or part of it is fully furnished. The Tenant declares that he has examined the rented premises and found them suitable for the agreed use, in a good state of maintenance and undertakes to return them in the same state in which he received them. With the right of the keys, the connducer takes over the apartment and becomes its guardian.
5. The tenant undertakes to compensate the Lessor for any damage to property and / or furniture.
6. The costs relating to electricity, water, gas and any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance are the full responsibility of the Lessor, with no recourse to the Tenant.
7. The payment of the rent cannot be suspended or delayed by claims or objections of the Tenant, whatever the title. Failure to pay within the terms constitutes the Tenant in default.
8. The supply of bed linen and towels as well as the cleaning of the premises will be done by the landlord. However, he remains excluded from the contract, the supply of meals, drinks and the surveillance and custody of the property.
9. The Lessor has the right to inspect the property, after giving notice to the tenant.
10. Any modification to this contract cannot take place, and cannot be proven, except by written document. The Court of Trapani will be competent for any disputes.
11. The parties take note that, pursuant to Law 449/97 and following mod., this Lease Agreement is not subject to registration as it is drawn up with an unauthenticated private writing for a duration of less than 30 days.
12. The Tenant authorizes the Lessor to communicate his personal data to third parties in relation to the obligations connected with the rental relationship pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 - Privacy.
13. For anything not mentioned here, reference should be made to the Civil Code as well as to the regulations in force on leasing and local uses.

2. Activation and provision of the Service.

2.1. Upon activation of the Service, the Structure guarantees the Customer:

  • the enjoyment of furnished housing units (hereinafter "Rooms"), in number and type defined in the Booking;
  • breakfast, the possibility of enjoying outdoor spaces, internet connection, daily cleaning, linen change.

2.2. The Structure will deliver to the Customer on loan for use any other accessory equipment aimed at the complete use of the chosen Services (keys, cards, etc.).

2.3. The customer must use the rooms, common areas and equipment so as not to disturb the normal performance of the service and third parties housed in the structure. The Customer will be exclusively liable for any direct damages deriving from the violation of this obligation, keeping the Structure harmless from any consequence, cost or charge.

2.4. The Customer will indemnify the Structure from any prejudice, damage, liability, expenses, even legal, suffered or incurred by the Structure, moreover it will release him from any action, reason, claim made by third parties against him that find cause or reason in behavior and / or omissions in any case attributable to the Customer itself or are in any case the consequence of non-compliance and / or violation of the precepts provided for in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

2.5. On an extraordinary basis, the provision of the Services will take place in accordance with the current directives set by the DCPM and the related measures dictated by the President of the Region of Sicily (last update on 17 May 2020, attached below)

3. Booking and Down Payment.

3.1. In the case of Reservation for future times, the Structure requires the Customer to pay a deposit as confirmation, to be sent with these means:

  • Bank Transfer: IBAN: IT61L0306981928100000001259 BIC: BCITITMMXXX Owner: ACCUSSI' SOCIETA' COOPERATIVA
  • PayPal
  • cash

3.2. The amount that the customer will have to pay as a deposit is 30% of the total amount of the reservation and must be paid within 24 hours. Failure to pay the deposit in the aforementioned terms entails the forfeiture of the reservation, without the need for any communication from the Structure.

3.3. In order to make the final booking price as transparent as possible:

  • note that the Structure considers "Children" to be those who are no older than 10 years old
  • a surcharge is applied for bookings involving 3 to 4 adults, per night
  • with the consent of the Structure or if provided by Offers, Promotional Packages and Coupons, discounts and price reductions may be applied

3.4. The following amounts will be paid at the facility:

"Il Comune di San Vito Lo Capo" imposes a tourist tax. The amount varies according to the season and may not apply in some periods of the year. Other exemptions or reductions may be envisaged. For more information, contact the property using the contact details provided on the booking confirmation.
The city applies a tourist tax: from 1 December to 31 March, 0.00 EUR per person, per night. The tax is not due for children under 10 years old.
The city applies a tourist tax: from April 1 to May 31, EUR 1.00 per person, per night. The tax is not due for children under 10 years old.
The city applies a tourist tax: from 1st June to 30th September 1.50 EUR per person, per night. The tax is not due for children under 10 years old.
The city applies a tourist tax: from 1 October to 30 November, 1.00 EUR per person, per night. The tax is not due for children under 10 years old.
3.5. The consumption of the minibar in the room must be paid at the Check-OUT

3.6. In the event that you wish to make changes to your booking, you must necessarily notify us by contacting us at info@accussibb.com Or by using the platform on the site to view the status of your booking. The structure may not be able to satisfy your every request for modification and therefore certain modifications may be considered as cancellations and consequently subject to penalty.

4. Duration of the Contract, cancellations and penalties.

4.1. The Agreement is valid and effective from the date of conclusion of the Agreement and ends if both of the following conditions are met:

  • the Customer and the third parties connected to it, or dependent on it, have definitively left the structure
  • the Customer has paid the full amount due to the Structure.

4.2. Check-in must be made between 1:00PM* and 9:00PM*, there is no possibility to use the entire structure before this time. Any arrivals after hours must be agreed in advance with the structure. Failure to give notice may cause even long waits for which claims or refund claims are not accepted. The Check-out must strictly take place no later than 10:00AM*, if this does not happen, the cost of an additional night will be charged.

*the following times are intended by taking as reference the Europe/Rome time zone in force during the dates relating to the provision of the Service

4.3. the Customer has the right to cancel the booking reinforced by the Down Payment and terminate the contract, only if the payment of the "Refundable Rate(Tariffa Rimborsabile)" has been preferred by the Customer. In this case, you are entitled to a variable portion of the refund of the deposit paid. This fee is a function of the time advance (compared to the scheduled check-in date) with which the Customer communicates the cancellation to the Structure. The reimbursement fees are as follows:

  • 28 or more days before: the full amount (Total Booking including Down Payment) will be refunded;
  • from 14 days before: the deposit (30%) will be retained and ONLY the remaining 70%, as per point 3.2, will be refunded;
  • in the event of a "no show" (absence at check-in): the deposit will be retained and the customer will be required to pay the remaining 70% of the booking and any extra services requested by the customer, by way of compensation.

No refund is provided for the guest who leaves the facility in advance, whatever the cause.

5. Privacy protection.

5.1. The Customer is informed, pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, that the processing of personal data provided to the Structure is necessary in order to allow the Structure directly or also through third parties to fulfill the obligations deriving from the this contract or for the fulfillment of obligations under the law or regulations.

5.2. The data controller is the legal representative of the facility.

5.3. Where you interact through the web application provided at the web address: accussibb.com; the following are attached in reference:

6. Documents.

6.1. Upon arrival at the facility, identity documents (passport, identity card) must be delivered during validity necessary for the registrations required by current legislation. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a violation of the rules of the penal code and authorizes us to request the immediate abandonment of the Structure. The data of our guests are processed in accordance with the current privacy legislation.
6.2. In order to comply with the current regulations for the prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is appropriate that customers, future tenants, send us by e-mail: scans or photos of documents, and they must be in acceptable conditions and well legible. See the attachment for more information.

7. Responsibility of the Structure.

7.1. The Structure will be responsible for the contractual breach and for the supply of the Service exclusively for a fact attributable to it.

7.2. If on arrival, the Customer finds a Service different from the agreed one but accepts it anyway, he automatically considers himself lost from any claim for compensation and the new Service replaces, by agreement of the parties, the previously agreed upon.

7.2. Special safes will be available to customers inside the rooms of the facility. If the Customer has changed the PIN for the opening, during the Check-Out he will have to communicate it to whoever is present.

7.3. During the Check-Out operation, the Structure may deem it appropriate to check the condition of the property, furnishings, health equipment and everything that was provided during the Check-In for the fulfillment of the Services requested by the Customer: in the event if these do not comply with the initial conditions, a compensation for damages by the Structure may be required.

8. Limits of liability.

8.1. The Structure will not be responsible for delays, inconvenience, malfunctions and / or interruptions of the Service due to:

  • fortuitous event or force majeure;
  • tampering or interventions on the service or equipment carried out by the Customer or by third parties not authorized by the Structure;
  • damage or inconvenience caused by the total or partial interruption of the electricity or water supply;
  • the Structure will not be responsible for valuables not deposited in the safes. However, the Structure will not be held responsible for the possible removal of objects and values ​​deposited in the safes of each room as it would not be possible to demonstrate and quantify their actual content.

9. Management recommends:

9.1. Silence/Children. Total silence must be observed from 23:00 to 08:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00; it is forbidden to stop in these hours in the common area (kitchen - entrance);
Children must always be accompanied by an adult. In any case, behavior must be maintained that at no time of the day and in no way harms the tranquility of others.

9.2. Cleaning. The rearrangement of the rooms is daily. The rooms must be vacated by 10.30 for cleaning. If the rooms are not vacated by 10:30 am, cleaning will slip to the next day. Please kindly arrange your personal belongings in order to allow such cleaning;

  • it should be noted that in the reference for the standards for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 it is necessary to comply as much as possible with the time mentioned above to allow for proper sanitization and air recycling of the room environment;
  • whoever takes care of the reorganization will carry out these operations in full compliance with the aforementioned prevention rules and that the clean linen that will be delivered has already been sanitized.

9.3. Other guests. It is strictly forbidden to bring other people into the room, on the terrace and in any area of ​​the structure without the authorization of the manager;
The customer will not be able to sublet or loan the room, in whole or in part, under penalty of termination of the booking right and possible legal consequences dictated by the hindrance of compliance with the regulations in force at the time of booking, see attachment DCPM.

9.4. Pets. It is NOT allowed to keep pets in the room or in other areas of the structure.

9.4. Breakfast. Breakfast can be eaten between 08:00 and 10:00; it is possible that not everyone can take advantage of the common areas used for breakfast, in order to maintain a correct social distancing, please note that it is possible to have and receive breakfast in the room and that it is advisable to communicate it by the evening before.

9.5. Smoke/Weapons/Drugs. It is strictly forbidden to introduce weapons, drugs and more. Penalty for immediate termination of the contract. It is also strictly forbidden to smoke in the room. You can freely smoke on the terrace and on the balconies of each room, strictly using the ashtrays present there.

9.6. Toilet. We recommend a correct and civil use of the toilet facilities, avoiding throwing anything into the toilet. (use the appropriate baskets).

The structure suggests to all our customers to comply with current regulations in respect of all those who use the common areas and that failure to comply with the aforementioned regulations forces the structure to take due measures.